Your HVAC system is one of the hardest working units in your entire home. It works all day and night every day of the week without complaint. Your heating system’s dedication to keep your home warm and cozy is constant and consistent.

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But everything has its limits and your heating unit is no different. At some point in time your home’s heating system will require repair to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you have a forced air system, a boiler system or even a combination boiler system, your unit will eventually wear out and need some help of its own.

Your heating system will often leave you hints or clues that something is wrong and needs repaired. You should take note of any inconsistencies in how your heating unit is functioning to determine if you need to call SintoAir for HVAC repair services.

Some indications that might let you know your system needs repaired include:

  • Age – Your unit can last quite a long time before it needs repaired. But as your heating system reaches the 15-20 year mark, system parts begin to wear out and the likelihood of repair becomes much higher.
  • Heat Loss – If you begin to notice your home is not as warm as it used to be, it could be an indication of your system needing repaired. As heating systems become older and wear down they don’t produce the amount of heat they once did.
  • High Bills – If your energy bills are higher than normal it could indicate your HVAC system is not functioning at its peak performance. As systems wear out they do not work as efficiently as they once did and this in turn will result in higher energy costs and increased utility bills.
  • Unusual Sounds – Most people will notice unusual sounds in their heating unit fairly quickly. But if your system is located in the basement, many home owners will need to go be closer to the system to detect unusual sounds. As part wear out they can leave gaps that cause clanging and other sounds. It is always a good idea to listen to your unit is acting unusual and you think it could be in need of HVAC repair.

HVAC Repair Troubleshooting First Steps

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There may be times you think your heating system needs repaired when in fact it only requires a quick fix to get it running properly again. The most basic fixes are often overlooked when troubleshooting your home heating system. Checking the following items first is recommended if your heating unit is not functioning properly.

  • Fuses – A quick fix you can perform yourself is to check if the fuse to your heating unit has blown and needs to be turned back on. This is a simple oversight that should always be checked first.
  • Fuel – Another simple oversight is the amount of fuel in your system. We often don’t keep track of our fuel if we are not receiving regular delivery service or if it has been extremely cold and the unit is running more than usual. Always check the amount of fuel in your system to ensure you have enough and don’t run dry.
  • Thermostat – If you have a lot of people in your home, you may have many people adjusting the home’s thermostat. This can cause you to think the system isn’t functioning properly when in fact it is working just fine. Always be sure to check the temperature setting on your thermostat. It is also advisable to keep your thermostat on one setting and not to change it often. Having one person in the home responsible for the thermostat can go a long way in preventing confusion and constant adjustments. Also be sure to let everyone in the home know what temperature setting you will keep the thermostat fixed at so everyone is aware what to expect.

As you can see there are some very simple fixes you can do yourself and then there are more complicated repairs that should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician. SintonAir employs many five star technicians that are experienced, trained and qualified to repair your HVAC system. Don’t put your home and family at risk with an HVAC unit that needs repaired. Call SintonAir to get your heating system running smoothly and efficiently once again.


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