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Can Ductless AC Installation Be the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

 Ductless AC installation

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Though having been around for decades, many people are often surprised to learn about Ductless AC installation. They are amazed at what it can do for their home and excited about the possibilities for the benefits to their family.

For homes that don’t have duct work installed, having air conditioning during the sweltering summer months was always dependent on using typical window units. But many home owners dread that time of the year when they have to install the air conditioning units.

The units can be a hassle to install. They also tend to scratch up the window frames and if they leak, they can eventually rot the wood of the window framing. Not to mention they need to be removed and stored over the winter months. All of these issues can make standard window air conditioning units an unappealing option when it comes to trying to beat the hot summer temperatures.

Installing ductless air conditioning is an option that many home owners aren’t aware of as an alternative to standard window units. Ductless AC can make the idea of enduring the summer months a pleasant prospect due to having a reliable source for cooling the home that is easy to install and can save on energy.

Minimal Disruption

For homes and buildings that don’t currently have duct work in place, the appeal of ductless installation is strong. Not having to perform major demolition to install ductwork saves home owners in time, hassle and effort.

Fast to Install

By not having to install duct-work, the installation process becomes much faster. Considering having traditional duct work installed could take weeks, the thought of being able to have your air conditioning up and running within a day is something most home owners look forward to.

Minimal Crew Needed

The ease at which ductless ac can be installed negates the need for a large crew to perform the installation. Ductless AC can easily be installed with just a two person team. A lot of home owners love the idea of not having a large crew taking over the home to install duct work. This will cut down on costs for the home owner, as well as the mess and hassle, and is another reason home owners might want to consider ductless installation.

Energy Savings

One of the benefits of using ductless air conditioning that home owners appreciate is the ability to control the temperature of each room individually. This allows you to avoid being forced to cool a room that is not in use. At the same time you are able to keep the areas of the home that are used regularly nice and cool. In fact, one ductless AC unit will often use less than half the power of a baseboard heater. As you can imagine, this can provide a substantial savings on energy costs.

Space Savings

Along with saving on energy and installation costs, ductless AC saves on space as well. The ductless AC system is more compact than a traditional central air conditioning unit and will take up less outdoor space. The indoor units typically hang on the wall and therefore do not take up needed floor space within the home. Only one outdoor unit is needed to run multiple indoor units.

Clean Air

Ductless air conditioning systems can increase the health of your family as well by improving the air quality within your home. Ductless air conditioners have a multi-stage filtration system that works to remove dust, pollen, particles and even bacteria that is circulating in the air in your home. This is great news for people who suffer from allergies.

For parents with young children you will be happy to know you are providing your children with clean air in the spaces they spend the most time in. The elderly will also benefit from having a good source of clean air in the home and will help minimize colds and other illnesses they can be susceptible to.

Peace and Quiet

Home owners will be happy to know that ductless air condition systems run fairly quietly when compared to other AC units. They are much quieter than a traditional central air conditioning unit. A ductless air conditioning system only produces a low hum and will yield less noise than a typical household appliance such as a refrigerator.

Remote Convenience

Most ductless AC systems come equipped with a remote control. This makes it convenient to maintain the temperature in each room and ensures you won’t be wasting energy over cooling areas of the home that aren’t being used.

Ductless air conditioning systems have a multitude of benefits for home and building owners. Get Ductless AC Installation for Home and Commercial A/C Installs Near Me. They are great for using in older homes without ductwork, apartments where installing ductwork would be labor intensive, and buildings where costs would prohibit installing large amounts of duct work. Ductless air conditioning systems are a great alternative that every qualified home owners should consider.


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